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TerminalTag Archiv

The annual TerminalTag is our conference, especially for combined transport. Launched for the first time in 2015, it provides a platform for actors from politics, business, and science to exchange views personally on the goals, challenges, and solutions in combined transport. Experts from politics, large companies, and logistics start-ups will discuss how to make CT more efficient and attractive in the future. The TerminalTag combines knowledge exchange and networking. Podium discussions and lectures offer targeted input for the participants. 

In fact, TerminalTag serves one purpose above all else: to exchange views with other market players in the CT sector in person and thus make CT better in the future. Because CT only works together!

If you are a Start Up interested in participating in the Innovation Pitches at the upcoming TerminalTag, please contact Mr. Vivin Kumar Sudhakar (vsudhakar@sgkv.de) by E-mail.

Below you will find detailed information on the past TerminalTag. We are looking forward to meet you at the next TerminalTag.

TerminalTag Archiv