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Our goals for combined transport

Sgkv Ziele
The Studiengesellschaft für den Kombinierten Verkehr e.V. (SGKV), translated as the German Promotion Centre for Intermodal Transport seeks to promote the relevance of intermodal and rational transport chains. The goal of the research association is to strengthen and further develop Combined Transport by bringing the research and practice together.

As a neutral and non-profit Organisation, SGKV brings over 80 members under one roof: From terminal operators to operators of universities and freight forwarding agencies. Here, everyone is with the common goal of making the freight transport in Germany and Europe environmentally friendly, efficient and more sustainable by means of intelligent intermodal transport chains.

CT has many facets, opinions and business models. However, in order to develop a holistic and integrated transport system that is capable of handling the freight transport of the future in an environmentally friendly, efficient and sustainable manner, an overarching and neutral entity is required to collate the opinions and communicate them. The SGKV envisages to be such a platform for communication in Combined Transport.

According to the articles of society registration (§1 Para. 3) the purpose of SGKV is to research and promote in practice the rational combination of intra-business, inter-business, national, international transport and transhipment. Therefore, it promotes the usage of Combined Transport as an environmentally friendly combination of transport modes to achieve environmental protection.
Within this framework, the tasks of SGKV includes the following:
  • Preparation and publication of scientific reviews, market surveys and studies, and implementation of research projects
  • Preparation of national and international standards
  • Consulting and providing information to the members, government agencies, and the general public
  • Organisation, Coordination and Implementation of training and development measures
Sgkv Kreislauf
To be a neutral and an open point of contact to all the interested stakeholders concerning Combined Transport, the research association has committed itself to the following eight principles:
Verkehrsträger Icon

Efficient use of transport modes

Intermodal application based on the strengths and weaknesses of each mode of transport
Intermodulare Strukturen Icon

Make intermodal structures transparent

Create transparency in the market and inform potential users
Objektivität Icon

Ensure scientific objectivity

Strength Combined Transport through neutrality and objectivity
Infrastrukturen Icon

Development of infrastructure

Proactive planning and development of infrastructure as a strong backbone of CT
Internationale Zusammenarbeit Icon

Strengthen international cooperation

Support cooperation and initiate research for a European wide CT
Sinnvolle Innovationen Icon

Promote sensible innovations

Strengthen existing CT structures, develop them consistently and extend them appropriately
Informationen Verfügbar Icon

Ensure availability of information

Transfer knowledge between policy makers, businesses and science to strengthen CT
Forschung Icon

Initiate research

Support continued development and strengthening of CT through practical and goal-oriented research