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Why SGKV membership is worthwhile

The SGKV, as a neutral institution with a strong membership and recognised for decades, is the ideal microcosm for this purpose and has all the important contacts and experience with players from practice, science and politics to initiate, promote and successfully conclude targeted projects.

Of course we also offer a number of other interesting services for members, which you can explore below. But you can also simply contact us by phone or mail. We look forward to your questions.
Our services at a glance:
Großes Netzwerk

Big network

Access to all important players in CT in the German-speaking countries and beyond
Exklusiven Zugang

Exclusive access

Access to exclusive publications on CT, such as press reports, statistical reports, newsletters or calendars of events
Unterstützung Erhalten

Getting support

Fast and uncomplicated support for all questions concerning combined transport
Aktiv Mitgestalten

actively shape it

Active short-, medium- and long-term organisation of combined transport, e.g. in working groups, research projects, at events and political committees

Event discounts

Reduced admission to the annual TerminalTag
Sinnvolle Innovationen Icon

Help with funding

Support in the search for funding sources and, if desired, assistance with the application process up to the active scientific monitoring of projects
Günstigere Beratungsleistung

Cheaper consulting service

Discount for consulting services such as potential analyses, feasibility studies, analyses for the optimisation of CT terminals or the moderation of events