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Intermodal Info

The Intermodal-Info is the digital knowledge platform of all aspects of the Combined Transport (CT). No matter, whether they are trainees, teachers or people interested in CT, everyone can find a range of information on CT on Intermodal-Info, free of cost.

What is the purpose of the Intermodal-Info?

CT is termed commonly as the supreme discipline in transport planning. CT is comparatively a complex transportation system due to the combination of different modes of transport and the associated interactions between various actors. This complexity and the non-availability of specific information on CT leads to reduced usage of CT system. However, CT is often a cost-effective and more ecological alternative to pure road freight transport. To be able to build or extend your knowledge on CT in the long run, we would like to provide you with the Intermodal-Info. Here you will find important information on the Transport systems, Loading units, Terminals, Actors, Costs and Legal framework conditions.
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We look forward to your visit to www.intermodal-info.com.