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Working Groups

Our motto of „CT functions only together “, underscores the importance of working together on Combined Transport (CT) with the various actors in the field of logistics. It is necessary that politics, business, and science jointly promote CT. Such jointness is achievable by a mutual exchange between various interested stakeholders. 

The diverse Working Groups that SGKV has set up by itself or those that you are involved with, come into the picture here. The goal of such Working Groups is to develop further topics in a targeted manner based on practical knowledge to achieve improvement of CT and to represent its interests externally. 

When you require information about the following working groups, please do not hesitate to contact us!

SGKV Working Groups

External Working Groups

Working Group. 24 on Intermodal Transport and Logistics (UNECE)
Working Group on implementation of the master plan for Rail freight transport (BMVI)
Round Table on the master plan for Rail freight transport (BMVI)
Logistics training initiative (LNBB)