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Ideas can only be useful if they become alive in many minds" (A. v. Humboldt)
Combined transport is regarded as one of the most eco-friendly transport systems in freight transport. By using rail and inland waterways for the largest part (main-leg) of the entire transport chain, pollutant emissions can be significantly reduced compared to pure road transport. This advantage can of course be better developed the more it is used!

The creation of the simplest possible access to CT for potential users is fundamental to the usability of the transport system. The SGKV develops informative material on this and provides knowledge and contacts for possibilities of access to CT. Many companies also offer direct information and contact possibilities.

A large proportion of the goods moved in long-distance transport today can basically be transported in the combined transport system. For this purpose, the following points are also important for access, as with all other transport systems.
Basic knowledge for use
Willingness to use
Observance of logistical conditions

Praxisleitfaden for combined transport

The SGKV, together with its member Fraunhofer IML and other partners, has developed a practical guideline that summarizes the most important information and questions (How can I get into CT? Where can I find information?) For access to the combined transport system. You can download the practical guide directly on this page or under: http://erfa-kv.de/


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Content access to CT


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