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SGKV has a wide range of services in the field of combined transport (CT), which can be divided into three main areas: research, knowledge transfer and consulting.
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The research sector primarily comprises practical research projects which are intended to produce concrete solutions to current problems in CT. To achieve this, we are in constant exchange with our members, form powerful consortia, search for suitable funding sources, coordinate the project application and provide scientific support for the projects.


The sector of knowledge transfer is broadly diversified and ranges from the organisation of the TerminalTag, as the annual leading event of the CT in Germany, to answering questions from our members and students. However, this also includes technical presentations on CT or interactive web portals, such as the Intermodal Map with all CT terminals in Europe or Intermodal Info, which is intended to give interested parties a hands-on introduction to CT. In addition, SGKV publishes Facts & Figures, in which all important statistics on combined transport are presented in a compact and comprehensible form. And if things have to be done quickly, you can find the latest information on our Twitter account.


The sector of Consulting includes on the one hand consulting for ministries and authorities with a focus on the German-speaking countries. In addition to providing general advice on technical issues relating to CT, we also prepare well-founded studies and expert reports (e.g. for applications for CT terminals) and can rely on our wealth of knowledge and large network. On the other hand, we have a great deal of experience in advising the private sector on studies and analyses throughout Europe and, where necessary, work together with other renowned institutions. In addition, we have been advising the BIC for many years on the application of the BIC Code. You can find more information here.
In addition, we offer our numerous members from all areas of combined transport interesting services. These include participation in working groups, the processing of inquiries and the use of our network. You can find out more about the advantages of membership here.
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Here you can access our free digital CT-Tools to support you in your daily work.


Here you will find an overview of current and completed SGKV projects.


Here you can find the references of SGKV.

Working Groups

Here you can access the working groups that the SGKV itself has founded or in which it is actively involved.